YARC 2019: Share & link up the Asian books you’ve read in January!

I am pleased to announce that it is time for the first monthly link-up post for Year of the Asian Reading Challenge 2019. Yay!

If you’re currently participating in this fun reading challenge, then use this post to share all the Asian books you read for the month of January. I’m sure everyone, including me, is interested in which titles you picked up! Plus, read on to find fun challenge prompts and book recommendations (that just might help you with those prompts).

On the other hand, if this is your first time to hear about YARC 2019, then read on anyway and learn how you can join in on all the fun!


YARC 2019, otherwise known as the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge 2019, is a year-long reading challenge that encourages you to read as many books written by Asian authors as you can! These books can be backlist titles (i.e. released in 2018 or earlier), new releases, and even ARCs. Any genre, any format, and any length.

Does that sound fun? Well, you can join in at any time within the year. Sign up by filling out this form and find all the relevant links for this challenge on this page.



For January, let’s explore the idea of family — both the good and the bad. Read a book written by an Asian author that features strong family themes, whether it’s sibling or multi-generational.


Enemies to lovers? A hero’s journey? Fake dating? It’s about time for Asian authors to mold classic, well-loved tropes into their own stories. For February, read a book that features a trope that you love.


For the month of March, let’s highlight Asian novels that challenge a topic, an idea, or an entire society. Read a book in which the narrative or main character challenges something and inspires change.


If you’re having a tough time with the prompt for this month, don’t worry! We’ve picked out three amazing books that are centered on the relationships among family. Check them out, and don’t forget to add them to your TBR:

Book Depository

Book Depository

Book Depository



  • This link-up form will close on February 15.
  • For the monthly link-up, you can submit either your updated progress tracker (e.g. blog post, Goodreads shelf, Twitter thread) or your review of an Asian book that you read for this month.
  • Every link you submit is counted as an entry for the mysterious grand giveaway, which will be drawn once the year ends.

I’d love to hear from you!

🌻 How is your challenge progress going? Are you still on track with your reading goal?

🌻 Did you discover a new favorite among the Asian books that you read for this month?

🌻 Are any of our featured books already under your radar? Which one are you most excited about?

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14 thoughts on “YARC 2019: Share & link up the Asian books you’ve read in January!

  1. I hope I’m not too late but I’m so excited to participate in this challenge and here’s my sign-up post! πŸ™‚ My current badge is the cute Philippine Tarsier but I’m hopeful I can get the other badges later on this year! And thank you for the monthly link-up directory, Shealea! It’s very handy to blog hopping and read others’ reviews and updates! πŸ™‚ https://artsydraft.com/2019/02/year-of-the-asian-reading-challenge-2019-yarc2019-sign-up-post-tbr-tracker.html


  2. Words cannot express how excited I am for this reading challenge! Thank you so much to you, Lily, Vicky, and CW for putting this together.

    I am going to have a look at my owned TBR to quantify how many Asian books I have on it to come up with my initial goal since I am trying to prioritize owned TBR this year. I’ll be posting my sign-up post on Sunday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kaleena, your comment has me crying. It’s so humbling that this challenge has been positively received by the community! As always, thank you for your constant support and for being one of the best allies ever. πŸ’–

      I’ll be checking out your sign-up post in a while. Happy reading!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly, I say go for it (although this may be a teensy bit biased πŸ˜‰). The tarsier level starts at just 1 book! So it’s a pretty lenient, stress-free reading challenge. πŸ’–


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