All My Ambitions for 2019 (aka please hold me accountable, friends!)

The first month of 2019 is quickly coming to a close, and for some unfathomable reason, I’m a bigger mess of a person than usual.

Big yikes. But what do I mean by that? Well, in a very un-Shealea-like fashion (disclaimer: not an actual word!), I am currently without a prepared planner and without an official list of goals and resolutions. In fact, my 2018 planner still isn’t finished — and yes, just typing it into this blog post feels eerily like bringing dishonor to my family (and to my personal principles). But I digress.

I don’t know what to tell any of you, really. For the most part of January, I’ve honestly just been winging it and rolling with the punches. And this has led to the fruition of many an impulsive decision, including this newly rebranded blog.

All things considered, things haven’t been too bad. I mean, the universe hasn’t collapsed into itself just because I’ve been significantly, embarrassingly less organized lately. Nevertheless, I’ve always seen myself as a rather goal-oriented person, even when it comes to blogging. I like lists, I like planning, and I like the feeling of working towards something bigger and more meaningful.

Moving forward, I would like to get back on my feet and start making an effort to be more put-together and organized. With Operation Ambitious Shealea well underway, I really think that planning ahead and setting concrete goals will be incredibly helpful in keeping me sane. Which leads us to the heart of this post: my goals and resolutions for 2019. Hold me accountable, friends!


Of course, in setting my goals for 2019, I need to take a moment to reflect on the resolutions I committed to in the previous year and, well, how excellently — or how badly — they turned out.


  • Watch at least one Filipino film per month. I successfully watched a total of 12 Filipino films!
  • Put more effort in having a healthy social life.
  • Read at least 48 books. I managed to read a staggering total of 78 books!
  • Reach 3,000 blog followers before the year ends. Friends, it brings me great joy and gratitude to say that Shut up, Shealea currently sits at 3,128 blog followers! (Oh, and fun fact: my 3,000th follower is none other than the amazing Victoria Lee, debut author of The Fever King!)
  • Attend one bookish event or hangout. Check and check! I met Kate and Cara in person, attended Bookworms Unite PH for the first time, and went to a couple of #romanceclass events, too.
  • Save [redacted] amount of money by the end of the year. Honestly, given my sudden interest in skincare routines and my impulsive book shopping, this is a huge surprise to me. But yay!


  • General Weighted Average (GWA) of 1.35 or better. I almost made this happen! My average for the first half of 2018 was 1.2500, but unfortunately, my GWA last semester was 0.05 short of maintaining my goal.
  • Learn how to paint decently. To be fair, I did buy the necessary materials for painting, but I totally forgot about them.
  • Write two (2) book reviews per week. Obviously a Herculean task I failed spectacularly in.
  • Write one (1) discussion post every other month. I’ve consistently failed at this. This happens every year, to be honest.
  • Reach 60,000 views before the year ends. Considering the number of hiatuses I took away from book blogging, it comes as no shock to me that I wasn’t able to hit this number. Still, my blog did manage to garner 40,296 views, which I’m already quite proud of.


First and foremost, it means that out of 11 resolutions, I succeeded in accomplishing 6 of them (54.5%), which isn’t too disappointing of a turnout. At least, in my opinion.

Nonetheless, the room for improvement is quite huge! For instance, in terms of blogging, I seem to struggle with consistency, and I think this largely explains why I missed a lot of my blogging-related goals. In line with this, it can be observed that I definitely read more than I write — and this is likely because the undergraduate degree I’m pursuing is quite writing-heavy. Most of the time, I no longer have the motivation or the energy to sit down and write a blog post.

Another thing I noticed is that my 2018 was not as eventful as I hoped it would be, and I think one of the factors affecting this outcome is that most of my resolutions revolve around my longstanding comfort zones: reading and writing. With that said, I think it’s about time that I try to be a little bit more flexible and curious this year. It’s time for more experimenting and more new experiences!


Now that we know which areas I need to work on, let’s proceed with the possibly extensive list of goals, ambitions, and resolutions that will guide me and my shenanigans for the rest of the year!


  • Read at least 69 books this year. A noticeable increase compared to last year’s reading target but still not too intimidating! There are so many incredible upcoming releases in 2019 that I couldn’t find it in me to set a lower goal.
  • Of the total number of books read, 70% should be comprised of diverse books. I personally find this goal to be quite ambitious. This means that if I would succeed in finishing 69 books before the year ends, 48 of them should either feature marginalized characters or are written by authors with marginalized identities.
  • Get the Giant Panda badge from the Year of the Asian 2019 Reading Challenge. YARC 2019 is a reading challenge organized by yours truly, alongside three other wonderful and passionate book bloggers. In order to obtain this badge, I need to read 31 to 40 books written by Asian authors. Learn more about YARC by checking out this page.
  • Read at least 5 academic journal articles every week. I’m still mostly clueless about what I want my undergraduate thesis to be about, and I think the best way of finding the right topic is to read as much as I can. Yes to more academic reading!
  • Significantly trim down my NetGalley review copies and increase my ratio to a solid 90%. So that I can finally be rid of my self-imposed request ban, naturally.


  • Earn 80,000 views before the year ends. This is essentially twice the number of total reviews I managed to get last year, which makes this a teensy bit ambitious. It’s a pretty huge undertaking, but I think that, as long as I work consistently on my platform, I can get there.
  • Reach 4.000 blog followers before the year ends. Another ambitious target — one that I got from Kate’s post, 4 reasons to get Shealea to 4k followers (I say, heed her advice!).
  • Write one (1) Shealea rambles post (which is essentially a discussion post) every month. Okay, I know that I’ve had several attempts of making this happen, only to epicly fail every single time. But this year will hopefully be different! I’ve signed up for the 2019 Book Blog Discussion Challenge, and I really hope I’m a lot more successful this time around!
  • Get rid of my review and comment backlogs. With more than 500 comments I haven’t responded to and with more than 60 books I haven’t written reviews for, I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this resolution is the most difficult one.


  • Rewatch all the episodes of Game of Thrones before the new season comes out. Up until now, I’m still two whole seasons behind! Excuse me while I shamefully cry in my dark little corner.
  • Make more time with friends, especially graduating friends. Believe it or not — I can be pretty sentimental. And I do occasionally like being surrounded by people. You know, occasionally.
  • Do eight (8) new things I have never done before. 2019 is the time to push boundaries and to experiment with interests and experiences! I want a year worth remembering. I might be a little too optimistic, but I think this is a pretty attainable resolution. So far, my 2019 has been full of pleasant surprises — and here are some new things I’ve recently done and some new things I’m really looking forward to:

1. Invest in a paid WordPress plan and start a book blog tour business venture.
2. Travel to a foreign country without my family with me.
3. Give bullet journaling a go!
4. Present my research paper in a research conference abroad.

I’d love to hear from you!

🌻 If you would describe your 2018 in one word, what would that word be?

🌻 What are your goals and resolutions for this year?

🌻 When setting goals and making promises, how do you hold yourself accountable?

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25 thoughts on “All My Ambitions for 2019 (aka please hold me accountable, friends!)

  1. Sending you all the luck and motivation so you can accomplish all these awesome goals! My 2018 was unexpected (that’s the one word) in a bad way :/ and it’s leaked into 2019 sadly but I’m determined to make this year better than last.


  2. You have some amazing goals planned out and I really hope you are able to complete them this year or at least come closer to achieving them 🙂
    I too want to clear my backlog of NetGalley Arcs but that seems like an impossible task for me 😛
    Yes to re-watching Game of Thrones 😀 My favourite show ever. And omg you have to catch on and watch the last 2 seasons as they were the best.


  3. First, can I just say, I’m so so proud of your for all of the goals that you’ve accomplished in 2018?? THAT’S FREAKING AMAZING, SHEALEA. YOU’RE DOING AMAZING SWEETIE.

    LET’S BOTH GET THE GIANT PANDA BADGE. WE CAN DO THIS! ❤ ❤ I believe in you more than I believe in me! Also, good luck with your ng ban! Somehow I have a 75% right now, but I recently requested a bunch of books…. so that ratio will be going DOWN.


  4. Best of luck with your goals! ❤
    Last year wasn't very kind to me, and I'm hoping that this year I can find myself again, I can work on being a better human being for myself and for others, I can do better at college, and on my blog (I also have problems keeping it consistent). So far I've organized a scheme where I keep everything into categories (physical wellness, emotional wellness, challenging myself, …) AND I have no idea how I'll keep myself accountable, to be honest haha


  5. I’m so happy to see you have accomplished some of your goals this past year, yay! You have been doing amazing and I admire everything you do so, so much. I can’t wait to see where you will take your blog and your reading this year, excited to get more recommendations from you 🙂 Best of luck for all of your goals, you can do this, you’ll be amazing ❤


  6. YOU GOT THIS SHEALEA ❤ Your goals are ambitious but so are you, and I have full faith you can accomplish them. I'm so excited for your book tours, specifically, and some of your Shealea Rambles discussions are some of my favorites 🙂


  7. It looks like you are gearing up for an amazing year! You should NOT apologize for being ambitious! I think it’s great that you analyzed your 2018 goal results and adjusted accordingly. I see so many people who do not analyze their yearly goals and have difficulty completely their new goals. I have full faith in you! You’ve got this!


  8. This is somehow both amazing and terrifying? You are a way braver person than me, because I’m looking at this list and I want to both applaud and also hide under my bed in fear!

    This year I’m starting the “do this whole writing thing in public” thing for the first time since college, which means actually talking to people on Twitter, blogging, submitting essays and short stories, and querying my novel. I’m an introvert with anxiety and disabilities, so all of that is terrifying??? My concrete goals are to finish and edit my WIP, query at least 3 agents, get to 300 followers on Twitter and 150 followers on my blog, post 3 times per month on my blog (one book review, one piece of writing or personal reflection, and one update on my novel or current writing project), and to read 50 books, 40 of them by diverse authors.


  9. I love your style of writing and you’ve definitely inched closer to that goal of 4k followers with me joining up to read more from you 🙂 I am also so with you on being the type of person who likes lists, journals and resolutions. I do the same thing every year and it made me happy to see that you had accomplished some of your 2018 goals – that reading though, lol, that’s epic – because so often people think that the goals we set ourselves will never amount to anything, especially if they are new years resolutions! Loved reading this 🙂 🙂


  10. I really enjoyed reading this post! Your goals for this year are very ambitious, but I think if you are determined enough, you can definitely get there, so good luck!

    2018 for me was atrocious! I went on many a hiatus from both my reading and my blog, but this year I am hoping to do much much better! For one, I want to log in everyday, even if it is just to read and comment on some fellow blogger’s posts, I want to be able to review at least once a week (more if possible, but I don’t want to risk overwhelming myself!!)
    I really want to grow my blog, but I’m not sure how to get there, I am in awe of how many followers you have, I would be happy to hit around the 400-500 mark by the end of the year (I am at 120 now). If you have any advice on how to grow my follower count, I would be very appreciative!

    Anyway, as I said earlier, I really enjoyed this post, and I wish you all the luck for your 2019 goals and ambitions 🙂
    All the best

    Kim @ booksarelove


  11. Best of luck with all of your goals and well done for meeting your 2018 goals! Even if you didn’t meet all of them it looks like you gave them a good go and that’s what counts. I hope 2019 is an amazing year for you!


  12. My 2018 was.. shocking, to say the least. Simply because so many things changed and I feel like it’s the year I actually *had* to become – and became – an adult? Or something? At least on some aspects of my life, hah!

    Love your list of goals and resolutions. 🙂 I haven’t been following you for very long, but I’ve definitely noticed how ambitious you are. If you keep it up – and don’t forget about self-care!! – I’m sure you’ll be able to tick off a lot of these next year! You go!


  13. Congrats on all the goals you achieved in 2018 and good luck on your new goals. Hope you get to watch all of games of throne— at least this way you won’t have to wait long for the new season. 😊
    My main blogging goal for this year is to post twice a week because I was never consistent before— being consistent is hard!! 😂
    I don’t know how I hold myself accountable maybe by just telling myself I can do this and future me wants me to do this. 💕


  14. You go, Shealea! My 2019 started on an ambiguous note so I didn’t make much of an ambitious goals list. However, things have changed…drastically, if I may add which means I’ll need to revise my goals list! One of my goals would be to research how I can better grow my blog + blog traffic, and another is slowly start introducing my WIP to the world!
    Have a great year, Shealea!


  15. You have some awesome goals this year, Shealea, and I’m definitely rooting for you!! If there is anything I can do to help you reach any of those goals from afar, don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year!


  16. Your goals sound so intense, honestly, but also I have FULL FAITH IN YOU. I wish you all the best for the year, and I really, really hope we get a chance to meet when you’re in KL so I can treat you (and Kate!) for coffee.

    My goals for the year are not so ambitious, definitely. I want to try and increase my blog views, but also I know I’m not a very involved person on various social medias. I want to try and either simply redesign or rebrand my blog. I want to be consistent in blogging and commenting.

    Mostly though, I want to complete a draft of one of my longer stories this year. I’m crossing my fingers that I do, but I’m horrible at consistent writing.


  17. Shealea! It sounds like you have an amazing year ahead of you and you should definitely NOT apologize for being ambitious! Congratulations to your successful 2018 and good luck on your 2019!


  18. It sounds like you have an amazing year ahead, Shealea! I wish you all the best with your goals! 💕

    I also want to go on a trip without my family with me, and I may be able to do that this year if all things work out. I hope it happens for both of us!

    I personally want to grow my blog, but I don’t really know how to go about it. 🙈 If I could even hit 500 followers by the end of the year, that would be incredible. I really look up to bloggers like you who offer so much to the community, and I hope I can also do that one day! 🙂


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