Need-to-Follow Book Bloggers (ft. 2019 Book Blogger Awards)

Honestly, I don’t know how to begin this post — so let’s kick things off with a quick non-verbatim anecdote, shall we? A few weeks ago, while Kate @ Your Tita Kate and I were hanging out, she mentioned that she started playing around with painting as a way to relax. “Wala, nakakapagod and nakaka-stress na rin kasi magbasa,” Kate added (Translation: “Reading has also become exhausting and stressful.). To which I laughed and joked, “Reading is relaxing. We just made it stressful when we decided to be bloggers.”

Looking back and thinking about it more, what I said feels less and less of a joke. The reality is: book blogging is demands a lot of hard work — and this is a truth that is often willfully overlooked not just by individuals outside of the book blogging community, but sometimes even by book bloggers themselves ourselves.

I’ve been endlessly tumbling through the virtual rabbit hole — otherwise known as the blogging world — for nearly four (4) years* now. In that relatively lengthy span of time, I had fallen victim to a lot of self-imposed pressures, as well as the misguided delusion that book blogging should be effortless. After all, how can doing something I love feel like tiresome work? How can reading ever feel like a chore?

Well, listen: passion can only take us so far. As fun and fulfilling working on our blogs can be, we must not ignore the reality that book blogging is still work: work that sometimes leads to burnouts and poor mental health, work that we sometimes feel like avoiding, work that sometimes sucks the fun out of reading.

Now that we’ve established that the work of a book blogger does not come quite so easily, I hope that as the community continues to grow, the general appreciation towards book bloggers (and all the work, time, and effort we put in!) grows exponentially alongside it. I cannot stress how important it is to support book bloggers, especially in a time where there are still glaring disparities and huge hurdles in terms of access, resources, and opportunities.

* In case you’re pretty new to Shut up, Shealea: My first book blog was founded on December 2015, and I worked on it for three long years. In the first month of this year, I finally decided to bleep it, delete my first blog, and transfer to my current platform, Shut up, Shealea.

2019 Book Blogger Awards | Forever and Everly

May @ Forever and Everly is an icon when it comes to championing book bloggers. One of their latest endeavors to foster camaraderie and to promote blogger recognition is the reintroduction of the Book Blogger Awards, wherein anyone can nominate hardworking individuals for a great variety of categories. To learn more about its third run, the 2019 Book Blogger Awards, head on over to May’s blog for the rules, deadlines, and categories. For anonymous nominations (i.e. withholding your identity), you can easily fill out this form.

Although the rules state that a maximum of three (3) nominees per category is absolutely allowed, I tried to strictly limit my nominations to a maximum of two (2) bloggers per category (keyword being “tried” because I failed in a couple of categories), and I also did my best to avoid nominating the same people for multiple categories. Without further ado, here are need-to-follow book bloggers that I am nominating for this year’s 2019 Book Blogger Awards!


🌟 Utopia State of Mind

Honestly, I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that Lili from Utopia State of Mind can effortlessly devour more YA books in a week than I could ever hope to read in a week! She is an unstoppable force of nature who can conjure insightful, beautifully written book reviews with a snap of her fingers. All my unnecessary hyperbole aside, Lili works so hard on her platform and it really, truly pays off — her YA recommendations are always reliable (I am so happy that we have similar book tastes!), her blog’s layout looks so wonderfully professional, and her engagement with the community is remarkably consistent. I’ve also worked with her on many, many occasions, and this woman is just on top of everything!

🌟 As Told by Zaheerah

I’ve been following Zaheerah and consuming her blog’s content for as long as I can remember! Her site, As Told by Zaheerah, is truly the bomb dot com. I am obsessed with how golden and pretty everything looks! Plus, I think extremely highly of her recommendations and am in awe of how well-organized her book reviews are. While I do refer to Zaheerah for YA books to pick up, I am extra invested in her efforts to highlight Muslim representation in the Young Adult genre.


🌟 Green Tea & Paperbacks

Laura is an absolute sweetheart who must be protected at all costs. Her blog, Green Tea & Paperbacks, makes an effort to cater to a variety of reading tastes — be it adventure-filled science fiction or cute contemporary novels. I usually refer to her blog for queer books and soft romance recommendations, but I also think it’s extremely admirable that Laura is one of the few book bloggers I follow who actively promote middle grade books. (Plus, look at the pretty sunflowers scattered lovingly around her blog! As a sunflower enthusiast myself, I JUST HAVE TO STAN.)


🌟 Bookshelves and Paperbacks

Aimal is the brilliant, hardworking mastermind behind #IronTomeAThon, which a readathon that caters to adult fantasy books. Although she doesn’t solely read and review adult literature on her (unbelievably gorgeous) platform, I have noticed her reading taste slightly lean towards stories with mature characters or mature themes. Honestly, I really admire Aimal for two main reasons: (1) a lot of her work is dedicated to supporting diverse books and marginalized communities, and (2) I am in love with how her blog is pretty minimalist but features cool, earthy tones that are quite calming to look at.


🌟 I Heart Romance & YA

This is definitely one of the easiest nominations, if I’m being honest. Serving her audience with all kinds of romance (new adult, historical, you name it!), fellow Filipino book blogger Zee from I Heart Romance & YA was the first to come to mind when I saw this category! Aside from reviewing mountain piles of romance novels, Zee also writes really thoughtful discussions and helpful tips.

🌟 Book Freak Revelations

JM from Book Freak Revelations is truly a blessing and is god’s gift to Filipino readers. Along with other amazing Filipino book bloggers (whom I all love very dearly), he organizes local bookish events and signings that are geared towards the Filipino reading community, as well as exhausts all means to provide incredible opportunities to smaller local bloggers (e.g. Patron Saints of Nothing blog tour). On top of all these impressive things, JM also has impeccable taste in romance books and novellas. Plus, he’s certainly one of the most loyal and active champions of the #romanceclass community. I am so, so lucky to have this great guy as a close friend and as an immediate go-to for romance recommendations!


🌟 bookdragonism

With her endless supply of humorous quips and her larger-than-life personality, Rain from bookdragonism certainly has one of the most memorable blogging voices out there. However, more than her blogging voice, I frequently associate Rain to the SFF genre simply because she’s an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy and consistently makes on-point recommendations! Plus, I really admire how she goes extremely hard for the books she really loves — I am always totally sold whenever she screams about an Asian-inspired fantasy on Twitter.

🌟 Perspective of a Writer

Dani’s blog, Perspective of a Writer, is an extremely excellent source of Asian-authored books and books led by Asian characters, especially when it comes to science fiction and fantasy. Not to mention, Dany is a force to be reckoned with! I can distinctly recall that the first book I ever picked up because of Dani’s recommendations is Of Metal and Wishes, which is interesting because my prior reading experience with Sarah Fine had been hilariously unimpressive (I’m looking at you, The Impostor Queen.). BUT THAT’S THE THING ABOUT HER REVIEWS: Dani has an unstoppable superpower that makes her supernaturally convincing!


🌟 Nut Free Nerd

I could not think of another book blogger who’d be more fitting and perfect for this category than Holly from Nut Free Nerd. I’ve been following this spectacular, well-read girl ever since my first few months of blogging, and her blog has always been one of my favorites. She has a fascinating feature entitled Classic Couple where she pairs up one well-loved classic with a more recent title and discusses the parallels between them. Another excellent feature she does is Feminist Fridays. In addition to these great content, Holly also writes admirably thoughtful discussions on topics such as what it means to be a relevant reader and avoiding book burnouts as an English major.


🌟 Pages Below the Vaulted Sky

Another easy nomination! Kathy from Pages Below the Vaulted Sky is just a superbly delightful human bean. Her content is consistently great, and the posts she writes are always very engaging to read. If I’m being honest, I am not a huge fan of mystery and thrillers (okay, fine, I actively go out of my way to avoid them) — but Kathy has a way of making these types of books quite appealing. While you can easily find a lot of amazing recommendations from the mystery and thriller genres, her blog is also a fantastic source of anything speculative!

🌟 Naija Book Bae

I have a very, very long list of reasons why I adore Lara and the work that she does on her blog, Naija Book Bae. I love her style — writing, aesthetics, and everything else! She writes impressive discussions and guides under her feature, Literary Blogging 101, that specifically cater to readers and book bloggers. Lara also excels in offering lists of recommendations, including YA mystery novels.


🌟 Forever and Everly

Unsurprisingly, I am nominating May from Forever and Everly as one of the best teen book bloggers. I truly believe that May’s passion remains to be unparalleled, and that they just excel in everything they do. From supporting fellow book bloggers to boosting marginalized voices to promoting diverse books, May really does incredibly valuable, really awe-inspiring work. All their work stuff aside, they also have an engaging blogging voice generously sprinkled with humor and snark, a knack for writing remarkably nuanced discussions, an award-winning personality (wink, wink), and many more great things that allow May to absolutely SLAY IT in the book blogging community. I cannot gush over this person enough, to be honest!

🌟 Afire Pages

As a Filipino book blogger myself, it genuinely warms my heart to see so many teenagers in our local reading and book blogging community! But, if I’m being totally honest, no one makes me prouder than Karina from Afire Pages. Despite having tons on her plate, this girl continues to actively champion for diversity in books and the necessity of #ownvoices. She has also started to organize international blog tours for marginalized authors more frequently — all of which prioritize #ownvoices reviewers (An Actual Queen! Thank you for your efforts, Karina!). I also think it’s amazing that she took her college major in Economics as her inspiration for Biblionomics, a wonderfully inventive blog feature that applies economic theories and/or concepts to book-related things. Y’all, in this house, we stan a Karina. (P.S. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady in person, and she’s very fun and friendly! I hope to bump into her in more local bookish events.)


Admittedly, as a twenty-two year old, a majority of the book blogs I follow are run by lovely people around my age. I can’t even begin to describe how terribly difficult it was to settle on a shortlist, much less narrowing my picks to just two people! This was definitely one of the trickier award categories for sure! (Having said that, I am very excited to talk about my adult blogger nominees and some of the reasons why I adore them and their blogs.)

🌟 Novels and Waffles

How can I even begin to describe Novels and Waffles? Um, how about: absolute perfection. Ultimately, what made me pick Kat for best adult blogger is that she was literally in my shortlist for so many award categories — which is totally unsurprising because Kat has it all: a cohesive and memorable brand, amazingly written book reviews with colorful graphics, an entertaining blogging voice, an adorable blog layout that can bring a smile to anyone’s face, engrossing content, and an endless supply of cute waffle puns. Not to mention all her creative features with witty titles, such as Going Undercover. Despite only coming across her platform this year, Kat has undoubtedly become a huge blogging inspiration to me. She certainly deserves more love and more recognition for what she brings to the community!

🌟 Unputdownable Books

I can vaguely recall Nandini telling me that I’m one of the book bloggers she looks up to — which, if I’m being honest, sounded really laughable and strange to me because I don’t think Nandini realizes just how incredibly awe-inspiring she is. Aside from fiercely advocating for diverse books and creating blogging resources on her platform, Unputdownable Books, Nandini also runs an impressive bookstagram account, hosts Indian Lit Readathon, and is the mastermind behind both #BookDragonsIndia and Stars and Sorcery Book Club, which focuses on science fiction and fantasy books from authors of color. With all these amazing projects, it genuinely bewilders me how she still has the time and energy to slide into my DMs, gently (and sometimes not-so-gently) reminding me to get enough hours of sleep. Nandini is a blogging superhero for sure!


🌟 Kaitlyn Gosiaco

Kaitlyn is relatively new to the book blogging world and I’ve only been following her self-titled blog for a few months, but in just a short span of time, I can see how seamlessly she has established an eloquent voice into her content. Her book reviews are truly an overflowing goldmine of both insight and entertainment value — in the sense that her praise-filled reviews will lead you to picking up literary gems, while her rant-y reviews will definitely have you silently screaming and snapping your fingers out of respect because damn, she really went there (as an example, she compared a book to stale bread). Short, sweet, and occasionally delightfully sassy — this best describes the essence of Kait’s reviews! Additionally, she manages to write nuanced, insightful takes in just a handful of paragraphs, which is certainly no easy feat.

🌟 Will Read for Booze

Will Read for Booze is a book blog run by Sam, Virginia, Parker, Linz and Melinda — all of whom have confessed that their “drinking club has a reading problem”. With a promise to always write their content while inebriated, it comes as no surprise that this unconventional book blog unfailingly delivers the most entertaining book reviews I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. The idea of drunk reviews is whimsically creative and hilariously novel! My all-time favorite is their review of Helen Hoang’s The Kiss Quotient, which I have a lot of conflicted feelings about. I look forward to seeing more alcohol-infused mayhem from this wonderful group of readers.


🌟 Your Tita Kate

It’s no secret that Kate, otherwise known as Your Tita Kate, is one of my favorite people in the community and that I would honestly wage wars for this brilliant, empowered woman. But what you may not know is that she and I have extremely similar tastes in books, which means I trust her book recommendations with my life, my honor, and my jade. I cannot think of a book that the two of us have hugely disagreed on, and for that, she’s my ultimate go-to for books I’m sure to totally love!

🌟 Word Wonders

Since my first year in blogging, Fadwa from Word Wonders has been one of my biggest inspirations. From opening her platform to accommodate the voices of diverse book bloggers to writing eloquent, much-needed discussions, her contributions to the book community are incomparable to anyone else. In fact, Fadwa was on so many of my shortlists for a bunch of award categories. Ultimately, however, I had to go with my gut and pick her for best book recommendations simply because I have yet to get a recommendation from this woman that I didn’t wholeheartedly love. In all seriousness, Fadwa’s opinions on books have repeatedly, historically convinced or stopped me from purchasing physical copies.


🌟 Sun and Chai

Shri is a hugely active champion for #OwnVoices books, and she runs a blog called Sun and Chai. I am ashamed to admit that I only started following her blog a few moons ago (it’s shameful because oh my god, I can’t believe I’ve been unknowingly depriving myself of her excellent content for so long!), but Shri’s voice has easily become one of my favorites in the community. When she combines her powerful voice and her exceptional skill in weaving words together, this girl becomes totally unstoppable! Shri writes the best discussion posts, period. She discusses incredibly timely and relevant issues in an admirably well-articulated, critically thoughtful, and passionate manner. She has also started a collaborative discussion series called #RepresentationMeans. I honestly could not think of anyone else who deserves to be recognized for this as much as she does.


🌟 Aimee, Always

Aimee from Aimee, Always has been a wee bit less active in blogging ever since she started university (as a former engineering major from the same university, I totally get it). Nonetheless, I still believe that she deserves to be recognized for having the most on-point blog aesthetics and branding. Not to mention the fact that she designs her own graphics and does all the HTML/CSS coding herself? I JUST HAVE TO STAN. And full disclosure: When I was in the process of leaving my old blog behind and creating Shut up, Shealea, I took a lot of inspiration from Aimee’s blog. I am huge, huge fan of minimalist layouts and strategic use of white spaces — both of which are nicely evident in Aimee, Always. Her site is just so pretty and neat, as well as cleverly designed to highlight its content. Honestly, I could wax poetry about her blog layout all day!

🌟 Artsy Draft

Hey, do yourself a favor and visit Artsy Draft and soak up its glorious coffee tones and clean spaces! Vinny is such a skilled designer and artist, and that fact is very hard to miss when you explore the nooks and crannies of her blog. I really, really love the simplicity and overall atmosphere that her platform has. I also appreciate that it’s very easy on the eyes and really neat to look at. Artsy Draft has a very laidback, very comfy and home-y vibe that makes reading Vinny’s content such a pleasurable experience. In addition to this, she occasionally designs and creates desktop/phone wallpapers inspired by books she adores.


🌟 Paper Blots

Julianna has a larger-than-life personality and refreshing sense of humor that I really adore, and her charms unfailingly shine through in her posts on her blog, Paper Blots. Her blogging voice is incredibly charismatic and endearing. Not to mention delightfully hilarious! If I’m being honest, I could probably binge-read Julianna’s blog posts for a whole week without ever falling into a slump or feeling bored. Plus, aside from having an exceptionally unique blogging voice, Julianna writes amazing content that make it so effortless to stay engaged.

🌟 Written Word Worlds

I’ve been following Sarah and her whimsical blog, Written Word Worlds, for as long as I can remember! With an occasional focus on queer YA books and mental health representation, a pretty layout sprinkled with dazzlingly pastel colors, and eye-catching post titles, I immediately fell in love with this blog. Sarah is undeniably the queen of everything creative and witty — and this certainly peeks through in her blogging voice and in all of the content she produces. She has recommended books based on Buzzfeed Unsolved episodes, curated bookish lists for smashing the patriarchy, and constructed a fun quiz that determines which stereotypical YA character you are.


🌟 Drizzle and Hurricane Books

I don’t think anyone would disagree with me when I say that Marie from Drizzle and Hurricane Books is a book blogging legend who deserves to be in a virtual hall of fame of some sort. It might sound like an exaggeration, but I’m pretty sure that if I released an informal survey on the Internet, 9 out of 10 book bloggers would say that they’ve interacted with Marie AT LEAST once — and that’s simply because Marie is the kind of person who literally goes out of her way to ensure that everyone in the community feels seen, heard, and valued. She never hesitates to go the extra mile just to welcome new faces in the community or to comfort long-time bloggers burning themselves out (surprise, surprise, I’m part of the latter). It truly, genuinely amazes me that someone as caring and as approachable as Marie exists. The sunshine she brings to people’s lives is definitely something else, and I am very grateful for her.

🌟 Reader Voracious

Kaleena from Reader Voracious is the biggest sweetheart and one of the book bloggers I admire the most! Her incredible work ethic, organization, and envy-inducing spreadsheet skills are just a few of the reasons why I take inspiration from her. Above everything else, the labor-intensive work she does to support less privileged book bloggers is truly invaluable! As a Southeast Asia-based blogger with many physical, emotional, and mental barriers to overcome in order to be half as successful as more privileged bloggers, I could not have found a better ally in Kaleena. She writes very detailed guides that any book blogger can benefit from, uses her platform to amplify the voices of international readers (see Reading Around the Globe), and runs an entire program that aims to get physical ARCs into the hands of international and #ownvoices reviewers (see Flapping Pages).


🌟 Vicky Who Reads

When I discovered that Vicky from Vicky Who Reads is a teen book blogger, I was very pleasantly surprised. The impact and influence this girl has within and outside the bookish community will leave jaws hanging on the ground, to be honest. Vicky is pretty much the community’s #1 champion. She is never afraid to tell people what’s what, especially when it involves an issue that is close to her heart (and you can really tell just how much she loves the community). Her Twitter threads are always on-point, well-structured, and insightful — and when she decides to write full-length discussion posts? The world is never ready. Not to sound like an old grandmother or anything, but seeing young and fearlessly loud voices like Vicky’s gives me hope that we’re slowly, but surely, moving forward. I love Vicky with all my heart, and I will crush anyone who dares to scare or shame her into keeping quiet. 10/10 would fight for!

🌟 Mel to the Any

From Goodreads to BookTube (her most recent endeavor), what social media platform has Melanie from Mel to the Any not yet conquered? This brilliant woman’s hustle is leagues above everyone else’s. In the spirit of transparency, I can barely maintain my Twitter account and my book blog, alongside Caffeine Book Tours and my other side projects. So if Melanie could compile all her secrets in book form, I’ll be the first person in line to grab a copy, thanks. But in all seriousness, Melanie is both a champion and a goddess. She strives to use all her platforms responsibly all the while looking absolutely stunning as she continues to slay us with her content, her love for all things ASMR, and her beautiful, beautiful personality.


🌟 Read by Tiffany

I’m half-convinced that this award was specifically invented for Tiffany, who runs her now self-hosted blog, Read by Tiffany. If (pink!) cotton candy and rays of sunshine had a love child, that adorable cherub-cheeked child would be Tiffany. She is too lovable for words, and she has this effortless way of really brightening up any person’s day, be it through her gorgeous rainbow aesthetic boards, her endlessly entertaining unboxing videos, or her delightful discussion posts. In fact, every conversation I’ve had with this girl has made me love her even more. Our shared disappointment in Marie Lu’s sequel to Warcross, Wildcard, is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. TL;DR: I absolutely adore Tiffany and can gush about how lovely she is for days on end, and you will undoubtedly love her, too.

🌟 Bookevin

Y’all better listen up. I’ve exchanged messages with Kevin from Bookevin for more than a year now, but last April, the moon was full and all the stars aligned and I was blessed with the opportunity to finally meet and hang out with him in person! So trust me when I say that Kevin is, as Sheldon Cooper would say, a real hoot and a half. Hanging out with him in the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur was an actual dream come true. With a bubbly personality mixed with a hilariously sassy attitude in the best possible way, Kevin is just an incredibly delightful human being whom I will shower with love until my very last breath.


🌟 Sprinkles of Dreams

Lily from Sprinkles of Dreams is one of my co-hosts for Year of the Asian Reading Challenge, and I could not be luckier to have such a wonderful person on board this project! She just brings so much light and positivity in the community, it’s really awe-inspiring. I love how she’s so supportive of everyone, how she excels in engaging with her audience, and how it’s so clear that she’s just genuinely herself. We do not deserve this girl. She is magic.

🌟 Jenniely

Jennie from Jenniely is, as the award category suggests, one of the friendliest people I know in this community (and the community is HUGE, by the way). She just goes out of her way to help in any way that she can, and I think that deserves to be really recognized, considering the fact that she’s constantly building her business and almost always working on graphic/art commissions. I will never ever forget how this kind woman privately messaged me and actively helped me secure an ARC of Randy Ribay’s Patron Saints of Nothing, simply because she knew that Filipino representation means the world to me and the Philippine drug war is a cruel reality that I face everyday. If that alone doesn’t deserve an award, then I don’t know what will.


I consider myself to be a diverse book blogger, which means I actively read, review, and recommend diverse books. Because of that, I also tend to surround myself with like-minded individuals, i.e., fellow diverse book bloggers. I am so incredibly proud of how far we’ve come in our campaign for more representation in books, and I truly believe that the progress we’ve made (so far) is the result of our collective efforts. Each of us has contributed quite meaningfully to this movement, and it is a shame that I cannot nominate everyone for this category. But for now, I’d like to take this moment to recognize two remarkable teams who have dedicated their entire platform towards championing diverse books, marginalized folks, and #ownvoices representation.

🌟 Lit CelebrAsian & Reads Rainbow

LitCelebrAsian (composed of Aentee, Aila, Glaiza, Janani, Kai, Kate, Mish, Shenwei, Sophia, Stephanie, and Wendy) aims to uplift Asian voices in literature, as well as organizes #AsianLitChat and #AsianLitBingo for readers. In a similar vein, Reads Rainbow (run by Charlotte and Anna) is dedicated to LGBTQIAP+ media and offers its audience reviews, recommendations, and information about new releases.


🌟 Caitlin Althea

Despite having only started in February 2019 (based on her blog archive), Caitlin has done really impressive work, especially when it comes to actively promoting diverse books. Her self-named blog is filled with great content, including this fun post where she recommends queer SFF books based on queer contemporaries. I am so thrilled to have another promising Filipino book blogger who is passionate about diversity and representation, and I cannot wait to see Caitlin grow even more.

🌟 R E A (D) I V I N E

I had interacted with Divine before she launched her own book blog, R E A (D) I V I N E. Even then, I knew that she had a voice worth listening to and that she would make huge waves in the bookish community. Divine has been extremely supportive about my work and what I do (more than I deserve, to be honest), and when her book blogging career finally took off, I tried my best to return that same support. I’ve been eating up her content since Day 1, and wow, I have no words for how proud I am of this girl. In just a short amount of time, she has already cultivated a distinct blogging voice that a lot of people will find endearing and she has also used her platform to address timely issues, such as the privilege of being a reader in an already underprivileged country.

🌟 The Sparrow’s Perch

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Skye from The Sparrow’s Perch for my recent Spin the Dawn blog tour, and she is a radiant little gem! In the first few seconds that I looked at her site, I was already captivated and obsessed with everything about it. I really adore the fun, earthy tones of her blog, but more than that, I am a huge, huge fan of the art she creates. Her content so far has been nothing short of fantastic and engaging. The Sparrow’s Perch faintly reminds me of a diamond in the rough, and with just a little more polish, I’m more than positive that Skye will shine as intensely as she deserves.


🌟 Librae Paints Pages

Taasia from Librae Paints Pages has effortlessly become one of my all-time favorite teen book bloggers for several reasons. I really like her writing style in every type of post she makes, which means I can probably binge-devour her content without ever losing interest. Taasia writes straightforward, albeit compelling, reviews and fascinating discussion posts that have me hooked right from the first sentence. Her takes are also nicely nuanced and refreshing to read. For instance, some of her most memorable posts are when she wrote about ARC distribution and hoarding and the romanticization of 5-star reads. Plus, Taasia herself is a delightful ball of enthusiasm and passion — and that wonderful personality seeps through the work she does in the book community.

🌟 Tale Out Loud

I think more people need to know that Karlita from Tale Out Loud is another book blogging superhero who deserves all the recognition in the world. Between being a good mother to her kids, working to provide for her family, and maintaining a gr8/8 book blog, it is unbelievably amazing how she manages to excel in all aspects of her life. Plus, she’s one of the most well-rounded people I know. Her blog is expertly designed and decorated with gorgeous colors that make visiting her site a huge visual treat. The graphics and banners she designs always look neat and professional. She writes a variety of posts like book reviews, pre-order incentives, bookish lists, and even HTML tutorials.


🌟 The Quiet Pond

Where do I begin? Even since her previous blog (Read Think Ponder), CW has always been doing ✨ the most ✨ for the book community. And now that she’s teamed up with her co-bloggers Stella and Joce, the unadulterated joy that this trio bring to the community through The Quiet Pond is truly incomparable and unparalleled. With its storytelling narratives and fantasy-themed aesthetics, The Quiet Pond is cleverly unique, wonderfully interactive, and extremely delightful. I just love the idea of allowing any reader or pond visitor to be the main character of their story — that’s a pretty powerful concept. Much like her platform, the voice CW has and the insights she shares are uniquely her own — and we honestly do not deserve such a treasure in this world. There’s no one I look up to more than CW, and I am eternally grateful to co-host Year of the Asian with her. Working with her has been a tremendous pleasure and a massive honor. Aside from being one of my dearest friends in the community, CW is an actual queen to me, and I genuinely aspire to be like her: a relentless champion for diversity and representation, a beacon of hope, and an inspiration to the bookish community. I can honestly write a thousand love letters for this woman, and it still won’t sufficiently capture the adoration I have for her. Nothing but respect for my president.

I’d love to hear from you!

🌻 Have you nominated your picks for the 2019 Book Blogger Awards? Which award category did you have the most difficulty with?

🌻 Do we have any mutual favorites in my list of nominees? Did you find new bloggers to follow and throw love at?

🌻 Aside from the Book Blogger Awards, what are other great ways to support your fellow book bloggers?

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  1. Ahhh Shealea, you’re an absolute blogging goddess (amidst other goddess statuses), and your praise is honestly making me all kinds of touched and honored and just … thank you so much for saying such wonderful things, it really means the world to me, especially coming from you!! It’s been such a joy working with you on YARC, and I honestly cherish it so much. Thank you for being such a wonderful presence in my life!! πŸ’—πŸ’—


  2. shealea!! i’m absolutely crying, you are way too sweet and WOW i do not deserve all this love?? you’re truly a blogger that i admire and look up to immensely so this is an absolute honour. i am obsessed with everything you do on your blog and will continue to boost you and your amazing content forever! your comments about me,, i just –

    and ahhh so many amazing bloggers here! i believe i follow most of the blogs that are here, but i’ll definitely need to check out the ones i’m not as familar with! thank you so much for the nomination and this post again, it is truly art!


  3. I’m at a loss for words Shealea! You’re such a wonderful person and I know I said this before but I feel like I don’t deserve this. Thank you so much for thinking and believing in me. Please do continue inspiring people because you inspire me in so many ways! ❀


  4. UM WOWOWOWOWOWWOW. Excuse me while I cry my eyes out and basically melt into eternal bliss. Like, I can’t even wrap my mind around this???? SHEALEA!!! NOMINATED!!! MEEEEE!!! But seriously, thank you so much for your kind words, your support, and for just being an A+ human bean. You are such an inspiration to me (and to us all, I’m sure) and this really means a lot to me πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›


  5. SHEALEA oh my god I’m still 😭 I’m just honored and speechless and a little bit emotional at the moment, I just, THANK YOU, honestly I feel like words will never be enough to match my heart warming up at your words and my emotion. Thank you, it’s such an honor to be mentioned here alongside these incredible bloggers and on your stunning blog, I admire all of your work so, so, so very much. Thank you for thinking of me for these awards, this means the entire world, really. 😭
    There are a few bloggers I’m not too familiar with, so I’m definitely going to check them out, thank you so much for that 😍 and for all of your work in this post, too, reading every paragraph and every word in it made me smile so bright. We need all the support in the book blogging community and reading support like that is incredibly heartwarming, thank you for it all ❀


  6. these nominations are jUST SO GOOD and u know So MANY blogs i’m kinda in awe?? the formatting on this post is just so GOOD and i love a lot of the blogs you mentioned and i’m deffo going to check out the ones i don’t know!!


  7. WOW SHEALEA!!! I am so honored for this nomination! (tho I just left the paradise of becoming a teen last month so I might be disqualifiedπŸ˜…) This means so so much to me. Your appreciation and being proud of me is 😭😍!!! I also hope we get to meet in person again soon! I agree about the other bloggers. They’re all amazing as well!

    And I am and will forever be amazed by you! You put so much hardwork in your craft and I appreciate you so much as well. πŸ’–


  8. Wow wow wow I am constantly astonished by how much work and love you put into your postsβ€” this post definitely shows, and I love it so much! LIKE, I’M AMAZED AT THIS QUALITY CONTENT. Also, thank you so so much for nominating me & I’ve submitted my own nominations via form and I would like to let you know… you were nominated for Best At Promoting Diverse Books because, of course. 😎 You’re just too powerful, tbh. I love you and your blog so so so much!!!!!


  9. uhhhh wow Shealea!! ❀❀❀ Thank you so much. Your words of praise totally stunned me. I feel like I’ve not even been in this part of the book community as I only recognize a handful of the bloggers you mentioned. I’m quite honored though… I feel like I opened 20 tabs!!! haahha I really appreciate you bringing so many voices I don’t know to my attention.


  10. Okay, Shealea, you already know how I feel about this post, but I just have to say it again, because it is absolutely phenomenal. I loved it so so much–I could feel all passion and love pouring from it, and it truly made me so emotional. I will cherish this post (and you) forever πŸ’– And of course, thank you endlessly for everything you said about me? I actually, genuinely teared up reading your words, and I don’t think I can explain how much they meant to me πŸ’—


  11. SHEALEA YOU ARE SO SWEET I’M ALREADY ON THE FLOOR CRYING MY EYES OUT. This whole post is a gold mine. There are so many great bloggers on this list and your love for them (for us) just melted my heart. Thank you so much for the nomination! It’s an honor in itself to be part of this list alongside these great bloggers πŸ˜ŒπŸ’–


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