FOLLOW ALONG: Jade War blog tour (ft. schedule)

Good morning, friends! You can’t tell but I am openly sobbing as I write this post. I’ve been given the highest of high honors: running an international blog tour for my all-time favorite book’s sequel, Jade War by Fonda Lee. Brace yourself, I have a lot of emotions right now.

Sign-ups were opened last June, and the process of picking just thirty (30) participants out of nearly a hundred entries was the most grueling one yet. Partly because Orbit Books bestowed upon me physical copies of Jade War to send out to the tour participants, even international ones (yes, in this house, we stan a publishing print that supports and offers great opportunities to international book bloggers) — which, admittedly, put a lot of pressure on me. Partly because Fonda Lee is my Author Queen and she deserves only the best, the most passionate, and the most dedicated on her squad. And partly because it’s Jade War.

The past few weeks have been incredibly heartwarming and humbling. Seeing everyone’s excitement about a book that means the whole universe to me was really something else. And seeing all the Jade War unboxings, Instagram stories, and photos posted by my international friends? Hold me, I’m weeping softly. Among all my blog tours, this one has felt the most rewarding so far! I cannot thank Nazia from Orbit Books enough for agreeing to work with me, for believing in my work, and for allowing me to be a part of all this. I am eternally grateful.

PLUS! There are plenty of things to look forward to, if I do say so myself. Aside from having a bunch of enthusiastic voices on board with me, this blog tour will also launch a mini-series of author interviews with Fonda Lee, which I think is very, very exciting!

Learn more about the blog tour by reading the rest of this post, and participate through the hashtag #JadeWarTour. If you’d like to sign up for my future blog tours, you can also opt to sign up as a coffee bean for Caffeine Book Tours!

Jade War by Fonda Lee
Jade War
by Fonda Lee

to be published 23 July 2019
adult, fantasy

tagged for authors of color (asian authors), poc representation, disability representation, & miscellaneous (diaspora)

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In Jade War, the sequel to the World Fantasy Award-winning novel Jade City, the Kaul siblings battle rival clans for honor and control over an Asia-inspired fantasy metropolis.

On the island of Kekon, the Kaul family is locked in a violent feud for control of the capital city and the supply of magical jade that endows trained Green Bone warriors with supernatural powers they alone have possessed for hundreds of years.

Beyond Kekon’s borders, war is brewing. Powerful foreign governments and mercenary criminal kingpins alike turn their eyes on the island nation. Jade, Kekon’s most prized resource, could make them rich – or give them the edge they’d need to topple their rivals.

Faced with threats on all sides, the Kaul family is forced to form new and dangerous alliances, confront enemies in the darkest streets and the tallest office towers, and put honor aside in order to do whatever it takes to ensure their own survival – and that of all the Green Bones of Kekon.

Jade War is the second book of the Green Bone Saga, an epic trilogy about family, honor, and those who live and die by the ancient laws of blood and jade.


July 22
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July 26
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July 27
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5 thoughts on “FOLLOW ALONG: Jade War blog tour (ft. schedule)

  1. whoah, I’m so happy for you Shealea, this is a great honor indeed. 🙂 🙂 Also I haven’t joined in any of your blog tours. I’ll look out for your next blog tour announcement so I can sign up. 🙂


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