Shut up, Shealea offers beta reading and online book tours as services for writers, authors, and publishers.


“I used Shealea’s beta reading service for my manuscript, The Benevolent Troll. Shealea kept me updated with great communication throughout the whole process, which was carried out with the utmost professionalism. In fact, she went above and beyond what I’d expected, providing insights and tips that have really helped to improve the manuscript. But her greatest asset, as shown in her blogs and reviews – is outright honesty. Unlike many readers, even professional reviewers, if something sucks, she’ll tell you – and explain why. And this can be the greatest help of all. It’s why I chose her services in the first place, and it’s proven to be the right catalyst to make some major alterations, slay some of my own sacred cows, and in doing so, greatly improve my writing. I can’t thank Shealea enough for her efforts, and highly recommend almost any aspiring or even established author to run their manuscript through [her] filter – it’s absolutely worth it.”

Tom Merchant, author of The Benevolent Troll

Shealea seems to have an eye for it all. Her beta reading service actually bordered on a full-blown manuscript critique AND copy edit (pretty good deal if you ask me). She clearly puts tons of effort into her work and the depth at which she analyzes your writing is impressive. I look forward to using her services again in the future, somebody with her impartiality is hard to come by.

Topher Allen, author of Geo

Shealea is amazingly thorough and provides insightful feedback. She dissected my story and came back with a nine-page critique, covering character development, plot, worldbuilding, and more. I highly recommend her as a beta reader!”

JC Kang, author of Songs of Insurrection


“I had the pleasure of working with Shealea for a blog tour of my debut novel, Heart of Mist. Shealea organised everything from sending out review copies to a Twitter chat with bloggers from all around the world. She was super professional and sweet, and really championed my book, helping it find new readers.”

Helen Scheuerer, author of Heart of Mist

“As a small press author, it’s been hard work getting my new book noticed amongst the many already out there so I turned to Shealea for help. The tour Shealea organised for Esme’s Wish, my debut novel, ran like a dream! Shealea has a dedicated team of bloggers to draw from, but not only that — she is smart, focused and has plenty of marketing savvy. She went above and beyond in promoting my book, producing great graphics and teasers, as well as writing and publishing pieces on her blog to help encourage reader interest. Shealea is genuinely interested in bringing new books and new voices to readers and I would highly recommend her services!”

Elizabeth Foster, author of Esme’s Wish

“Shealea did an amazing job organizing the book blog tour for Crimson Ash. She handled all communication in a timely manner, which made the process run smoothly. I highly recommend getting in touch with Shealea for book blog tours.”

Haley Sulich, author of Crimson Ash

Shealea made my blog tour effortless. I had heard of blog tours being a great tool for promoting a novel; however, going about one was uncharted territory for me. Shealea made it so easy and took great care in ensuring it was a success. I cannot recommend her enough. Everything she does is done with great care and attention to detail. I look forward to working with her again! If you are thinking of using a blog tour for promotion, look no further. You’ve found your perfect match with Shealea.”

Peter Gulgowski, author of The Voting Game

Shealea’s so good at whipping up a lot of interest because her enthusiasm is so real, and so heartfelt! She was easy to work with, not only because of her professionalism, but because her communication comes from a place of genuine considerateness. I feel like she has a good read on what about my book would be most likely to appeal to the audience I was looking for, and put those factors front and center to help not only me as an author, but to help her readers find the right books for them.”

Lee Blauersouth, author of Secondhand Origin Stories

“I recently completed a creative blog tour with Caffeine Book Tours for my novel, Kingdom Cold. The organizer, Shealea, gathered 20 book bloggers in a little over a week to participate in the tour. All I had to do was send her one email with information on my book and she organized my materials and made them available to all the bloggers. She also created an easy to follow schedule and custom hashtag so I could follow the posts as they went up. The result felt like total internet domination. Not only were the posts fabulous and well thought out but each member of the tour shared posts from other stops posting almost a hundred times on my behalf. I had mood boards, book comparisons, character comparisons, astrology signs for each character and so on. With no effort on my part, my sales doubled for the week of the promotion and my book reached number 1 in its category on Amazon and under 500 overall in the Kindle store. My tour package didn’t include reviews but many of the bloggers did decide to review it, not all of them favorably which I found a little disheartening for a promotional tour– but that’s what you get when you have real bloggers with differing opinions. Overall, if you believe that all press is good press then you have nothing to worry about. Caffeine Book Tours helped me spread the word about my novel onto platforms where I don’t have a big presence, specifically Twitter, Goodreads, and Amazon international. The value of the service is unmatched and Shealea’s ability to organize and manage the tours, while maintaining the absolute highest level of professionalism, make this service vastly superior to other promotional opportunities I’ve tried, and let me tell you, it’s a very long list.”

Brittni Chenelle, author of Kingdom Cold