This blog, Shut up, Shealea, does not use a star-rating system in reviewing books. Instead, I rate books according to how highly or how intensely I would recommend them to other readers and, in some cases, even people who don’t consider themselves to be huge readers. I hope you find something you like!


This space is reserved for all-time favorites that I instinctively, immediately recommend to practically every person I encounter, regardless of their reading preferences (and sometimes, regardless of whether or not they’re looking for a recommendation in the first place), because I am 110% confident that they would — at the barest minimum — enjoy them. These are books that I absolutely loved and that I genuinely believe to be objectively phenomenal. I have nothing else to say except: pick them up and start reading now.

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The Shadow Glass by Rin Chupeco
Jade City by Fonda Lee
Descendant of the Crane by Joan He

These are excellently written books that I think everyone should prioritize in their to-be-read/to-read piles! I immensely enjoyed them, and I will most likely rave about them for the rest of my life. Additionally, in situations wherein I’m asked for a recommendation for so-and-so genre or with so-and-so characteristics, these titles are most likely to come first to mind.

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These are great, enjoyable books — albeit not the kind that would be universally loved by everyone. It is likely that these books specifically appeal to a niche group of people. Nonetheless, I believe they’re worth picking up, and I would still recommend them to an audience.

Which books do I recommend? Find them here.


These are good or great books that I think are nicely written and have significant merits. However, they either contain a substantial amount of harmful/offensive/triggering material or are vaguely problematic/controversial. Hence, although I wouldn’t immediately write them off, I have to emphasize that readers should dive in very carefully.

Which books do I recommend with caution? Find them here.


This classification covers a very wide range of feelings: from books that I found to be really underwhelming or disappointing, to books that bored me to the point of tears, to extremely problematic books that I think should be thrown into the sun. Some of these books may still appeal to other readers, but um, it’s a solid no from me.

Which books do I not recommend? Find them here.