Shealea of Shut up, Shealea

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Shealea has been receiving her Starbucks coffee orders with her name spelled incorrectly for as long as she can remember. Born and raised in the tropical islands of Southeast Asia, she is currently pursuing a degree in BA Communication Research at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

When she isn’t drowning in deadlines or buried under mountains of academic journals, Shealea enjoys talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, diverse books, cute dresses with pockets, and intersectional feminism — sometimes all in the same breath.

Despite being two whole seasons behind on Game of Thrones, she would like to formally introduce herself as Shealea, First of Her Name, Khaleesi of Lists and Spreadsheets, Breaker of Silence and Patriarchal Norms, and Protector of Books.

Shut up, Shealea | she is sunflowers & thunderstorms

On the 17th of December 2015, Shealea began her book blogging journey as That Bookshelf Bitch with two major goals: one, to (re)start reading and writing outside of academic-related reasons; and two, to reclaim the b* word. The latter led to many a furious message from middle-aged men who condemned such “unladylikeness,” as well as the occasional misconception that Shealea is a thick-skinned, fire-wielding dragon lady who enjoys spilling tea and drinking the blood of her enemies (fact check: nope, she can be as soft as sunflowers đŸŒ»).

Three years later, thanks to the incessant goading encouragement of her friends, together with a desire to build a prettier blog, she finally caved in, got to work — and two weeks into 2019, Shut up, Shealea was formally introduced to the virtual world.

Largely inspired by Shealea’s love for books and personal advocacy, this blog hopes to discuss books, literature, and whatever else (because y’all know Shealea tends to digress) without completely departing from social context and present-day reality. It aims to provide a safe and honest space for marginalized readers, as well as a welcoming and supportive platform for authors with marginalized identities. Especially for Asian readers and authors.

On a more personal note, Shealea hopes to use this blog as an avenue for learning and self-empowerment: to find the courage to speak up as a woman of color, to learn the humility needed for holistic growth, and to allow herself to be soft and loud, gentle and fierce, compassionate in heart and uncompromising in principle — sunflowers and thunderstorms.

When will Shealea shut up? Not today.